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Al Mana GlassGlass Division

Al Mana Glass is a subsidiary of Alu Mana Industries. It  was established to provide state of the art, high quality locally processed glass products, assuring total customer satisfaction.

Al Mana Glass buys their requirements for float glass from various sources in Europe, the North America and Asia. All Units produced can consists a variety of glass types (solar control high performance Low E glass, tinted glass, reflective or toughened) Depending on their application.

The Al Mana Glass processing facilities cover a total area of 5.257 sqm which are strategically located on Street Nos. 27, 28 and 43 at the Doha Industrial Area. Our tempering line has a capacity of processing 700m2 on an 8hr shift and the double glazing line, 300 m2 per shift.

Aware that glass processing requires extreme precision at all stages of manufacturing. Al Mana Glass invested on the latest state of the art computerized machinery for glass cutting, tempering, double gazing, insulated and structural glazing. Our aim is to produce accurate and quality components at realistic prices.

The application of complete intelligent systems virtually eliminates the source of human error. Process -

  • Glass cutting
  • Polishing and drilling facilities
  • Glass tempering line
  • Insulated glass unit
  • Lamination line
  • Sand blasting

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Al Mana GlassGlass Equipment List

The glass process flow consists of elaborate and intricate systems in glass processing which include cutting, refining edges and polishing glass. Glass is also insulates, laminates and tempered according to the client’s requirements. We employ the best machinery and the most experienced personnel to undertake the responsibility of providing optimum results and efficiency. We ensure Quality Control, at every stage. Process operators are responsible to check and comply with the specified inspection criteria and verified by the QC Engineer.

Our Equipments

  • 2 - CNC Double Head Cutting Machine “Elumatec-Germany”
  • 2 - Single Head Cutting Machine “Elumatec-Germany”
  • 1 -  CNC Machine center SBZ 140 9.7 mt “Elumatec-Germany”
  • 1 - CNC Machine center SBZ 150 12.0 mt “Elumatec-Germany”
  • 2 - Copy Router 3 spindle Machine “Elumatec-Germany”
  • 1 - Automatic Saw Cutting Machine “Elumatec-Germany”
  • 2 - Crimping Machine “Elumatec-Germany”
  • 1 - Notching Machine “Elumatec-Germany”
  • 1 - CNC AXYZ 5014 4mt Machine “AXYZ-Canada”
  • 1 - CNC AXYZ 5014 7.5mt Machine “AXYZ-Canada”
  • 1 - CNC Triple Head Cutting glass Table “Lisec-Austria”
  • 1 - Full Robotic  Double Glazing Line “Lisec-Austria”
  • 1 - Full Tam Line For Tempering Glass
  • 1 - Hydraulic Cutting Glass Table “Lisec-Austria”
  • 1 - Italmatic Autoclaves For Glass Stratification
  • 1 - Keyfrost Industrial System
  • 1 - Durmazlar HAP 32160 Bending (Turkey).
  • 1- Durmazlar SB 3006 Shearing
  • 1 - Sahinler 4R HS 15-150 Bending machine
  • 1 - MHG sand blasting machine
  • 2 - Lisec LBH-25V
  • 1 - Lisec TAL 50S1/B-silicone dispenser
  • 1 - Precix laser cutter
  • 1 - Copam CP-4050 plotter

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